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In addition to Standard data network solutions, We afford a lot of special solutions according to the usage and system requirements.

As digital learning becomes the predominant learning model, campus and data center networks must be ready to support mission-critical digital learning, online courses, and online assessments. They also need to serve higher densities of wireless users in classrooms as a result of one-to-one learning initiatives. And it goes without saying that school districts must protect themselves from the increased exposure to sophisticated cybersecurity threats emerging in all industries.

 We offer a combination of powerful switching, routing, and security platforms to meet the most demanding digital learning applications.

  • Smart boards 

  • Wireless AP 

  • Data Storage 

  • Central UPS  

  • Firewall 

  • Load Balancing 

  • Fiber networks

Smart Boards
Smart School

Smart School

Nowadays it's a trend that all schools become smart and being smart needs a lot of criterias to be fulfilled like networking infrastructure, School Management Systems , Wifi Planning and heatmapping, iptv and more.

With our partnerships with Triax , Ekahau , martello and more we can offer a full package and solutions for the educational sector to transform there old systems to the new smart and automated system

We will discuss some of our tools in depth:

Digital Signage

Promote, inspire, entertain, inform.Capture your guests’ attention, in the right place at the right time.Digital Signage gives you the opportunity to display your scheduled promotions and information in the most visible areas of the School.

  • Professional solution,

  • works with any screenƒVersatile,

  • unlimited content editing and schedulingƒSimple,

  • remote administration from any device

WIFI Planning

wifi planning

As Mentioned in many cases wifi heat-mapping and site survey become essential since the whole world become wireless  in schools also it's necessary to have a strong connection and reliable internet everywhere without any bottlenecks or lag due to bad connectivity , in partnership with EKAHAU we offer our schools the tools needed to create a heat map and site survey to discover the weak point of the wireless network, the benefits of this  solutions is to minimize cost ,increase efficiency and adjust the networking performance to the best

Wifi Survey

Wifi Planning


Heat Mapper

Ekahau Connect

Ekahau analyzer

Heat Map Survey

wifi coverage

5g internet


Network Solutions

IT Solutions

Smart School

Education Sector

Digital Signage

Smart Board

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